Accelerate the growth of your clients’ wealth

Discover iA PAR Wealth: a new addition to our participating life insurance product to meet the high expectations of wealthier clients and corporations.

Discover the new Wealth version of iA PAR

iA Financial Group is proud to announce the addition of the Wealth version to its iA participating life insurance product (iA PAR). This new version is intended for wealthy clients and corporations seeking high cash values from the first years of the contract, combined with long-term growth of their assets.

iA PAR Wealth allows the deployment of high-performance financial strategies in order to transfer assets, manage liquidity and optimize the value of their estate.

For more information

Advisor Centre

Go to the Advisor Centre to learn more about our participating life insurance product and its two versions: Estate and Wealth. You will also find additional useful resources, such as sales tools and materials for promoting the product with your clients.

Recording of launch webinar

Were you unable to attend the launch of the new Wealth version? No problem! A recording of the launch webinar is available for playback.